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Lamp Shades- The Ultimate Home Decor

Beaded lamp shades can look absolutely stunning in your home. They carry a charm that can do wonders to just about any room. They look vibrant and make the whole ambiance lively.If you decide on beaded Lamp Shades to decorate your home, you have plenty of options to choose from. There are a lot of designs that are available and you can select anyone of them and be happy with the result.

Types Of Beaded Lamp Shades

Beaded shades are of the following types.


-Beaded lamp fringe

-Beaded chandelier shades

You can even transform ordinary shades into beaded lamp shades.

Where Should You Place Your Shade?

Beaded shades are extremely decorative pieces of art. If you want to show off your shade you can place it in or near the center of the room. A great shade deserves to be in a place where it will be seen and not in some distant corner.Beaded shades enhance the beauty of your bed room when placed by the bed side. You can also keep them in the center of your living room. Expand your creativity and try different locations. Move them around and find what works best.

Lynne Quinn Beaded Lamp Shades

These are a special type of Victorian beaded shade. They look absolutely gorgeous and are a favorite of many. They can appear subtle, and at the same time gorgeous.For the more creative and artistic, why not make your own shades? Follow these tips to make beaded lamp shades:

Obviously you need to get hold of a shade to start with. You can either buy a new one, or you can even use one that you have. Cover the metal frame of the shade with plastic. You can even get plastic covers that look like a floral ribbon is you want to get really fancy.If not, satin material or cotton ribbon covers are also good enough. You also need a trim to cover the bottom of the shade. You need to ensure that the trim that you purchase is strong enough to hold the fringe. The trim has loops in it. This will ensure that there is space between the fringes and they don’t form clusters.

You have to carefully regulate the spacing between the beads. Cut the trim in equal measurements to cover edge of the shade. Fix the beads to the lower part of the edge. Make knots using thread so that they remain fixed to the edge. Sow the beads to the fabric of the lamp shade.You should not sow through the holes. Make designs in with the beads. Follow one type of designing pattern. Then when your guests comment on how great the shade looks you can tell them you made it yourself.