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Best ski boot bag – Described

One of the winter sports is Skiing. This activity normally takes place on snow. Earlier the main purpose of skis was transportation. But this has now evolved into a competitive sport with millions being attracted to it. All sports have specialized kits that are peculiar to that sport. Similarly skiing also needs specialized equipment. This specialized equipment consists of Skis, Ski bindings, ski boots, ski poles, ski wax, ski suit, ski helmet and also includes Ski gloves and ski sunglasses. This specialized equipment is quite costly and needs proper storage. Hence it is important that your skiing kit like skis, boots etc are stored in an efficient manner, both for transportation as well as general storage at home. It will not be worth your while to get your costly ski equipment damaged for want of proper storage. Thus a good ski bag to help store your kit is essential and its importance cannot be underestimated. Modern ski bags also allow you to carry your ski boots as well in addition to your other kit and is called a composite bag.Ski Bags come in a variety of sizes as well as colors for you to make a selection.

The market is flooded with ski bags. They are also available on the net.

Firstly a good ski bag needs to offer the best protection for your skis, while travelling or when stored. The second point that is equally important is that it should be long lasting. Thus when you buy a ski bag bear in mind that it’s a long time purchase. Get additional information at expertofequipment

In addition a few more points must be kept in mind when selecting a ski bag.

The first point covers padding. Padding is a lining inside the bag and gives greater protection to your ski equipment. In addition it must have adequate length so that the skis fit easily into it. Skis are costly equipment and need protection. Do bear in mind that a single layer of any fabric anywhere in the bag is likely to rupture more easily and that is not good for your skis. In addition bear in mind that the along with the padding the bag must have tough double wall nylons as well. This will protect the bag as well as the skis You must also be aware as to what fabric is used for your bag. Most ski bags use DuPont 1050 D ballistic nylon on the exterior wall and Dupont 1000 D Cordura nylon on the interior. DuPont had developed this material earlier for bullet proof vests for military and Police use. Its good material for your ski bag. The best material for ski bags is Nylon. However the cheaper bags that you see in a lot of shops are made of 600 D vinyl coated polyester. This a bit lower in scale as far as quality is concerned than nylon. But they come cheap.Most of these bags are made in China, Korea and other East Asian countries. However this can be coated with vinyl to strengthen it but again bear in mind that vinyl tends to crack with constant use and lower temperature.

Another material used by some manufacturers is 1000 D corduroy. This material is light weight as well as having high tenacity. This is good material as a liner for your bag. Lastly bear in mind that the ski bag should be long lasting say anything from 5 to 10 years. It’s not good business sense to buy a new bag every other year. To store ski shoes the Race Boot bag is available. This can carry one pair of boots plus a small amount of gear like gloves, hats and goggles. Such bags will have an outside pocket as well as a carrying strap.